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Content Writer/Finance Director at GSS Group, UK.
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Are you happy? How to you decide if you are happy? Is happiness related to success? Is it related to money? What about lifestyle?

Now that was a lot of unnecessary questions. I think happiness is not related to any of those.

I once thought happiness is related to success. But I tell you, it’s not. I’ve seen successful people striving for more success failing to be happy in who they are. People say money can make you happy as it can buy you things that makes you happy. …

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Interested in making a long term investment in stock? Many investors often face a dilemma while choosing the right stock to invest. Investing in stock for the long term and short term have differences. There are a number of factors that needs to be considered before making such an investment. Let us understand some of the basic differences.

Difference between long term and short term investment in stock

Online trading has made trading and investing in stock convenient and hassle free. But investors need to know better while deciding to buy stock for short term or long term.

Short term…

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6th Oct 2020, Tuesday

02:15 PM

The technician came with the result. It was negative. I can’t explain the relief we had. We thanked him and headed for the causality.

02:30 PM

I spoke to the doctor present. The nurse checked his vitals and set him an I.V., she said it’s going to take a while. Mom sat next to him while I waited outside. I bought the prescribed medicines, let Rateesh know that my brother was negative and it will take a while. I thanked him and told him he can have lunch now. He said he will…

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6th Oct 2020, Tuesday,

09:00 AM

I called the hospital to book for COVID test. I informed them that the patient is weak and isn’t capable of waiting too long. I also told them that he will need an ‘I.V’. The nurse asked me to bring our IDs and arrive at 12:30 pm so that he won’t have to wait long, and I need to speak to the doctor about the I.V.

I rang Miny auntie to inform her and request an ambulance. She told me that we need to call 108 to get a COVID ambulance and that…

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As we go through this pandemic, we all experience different emotions and pain. The one that I went through is something I’ve never experienced before, nor could have I ever imagined.

1st Oct 2020, Thursday

It all started when me and my mom had just recovered from over a week’s fever. It has already been a couple of days since my brother had his fever. We were very worried that it might be COVID and the lack of smell and taste added to our fear. …

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What is Arm’s Length Principle?

Arm’s length principle basically is a pricing strategy that is used to arrive at an industry average price in a transaction between related parties under uncontrolled circumstances. This led to the coined term Arm’s Length Price. The Arm’s Length Price is the price at which related or controlled entities transact with each other had the transaction taken place between two unrelated or uncontrolled entities.

According to OECD Model Tax Convention, “Arm’s Length Principle” is where conditions are made or imposed between two or more associated enterprises in their commercial or financial relations which differ from…

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Have you ever wondered, why multinational corporations that make billions of dollars in revenue have comparatively low profits and pay very less tax. Even when the corporate tax rate is significantly high in most countries, the major corporate players like Amazon, Google, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Medtronic, etc always manage to find their way around by paying less or no tax. Of course there are several reasons involved, but one such reason is Transfer Pricing.

What is Transfer Pricing?

Transfer pricing is a pricing strategy whereby transactions with related entities are priced. With the advent of globalization and the rapid growth of…

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Difference between Investment Banks and Commercial Banks

The primary difference between these two financial intermediaries is their client niche. While commercial banks serve all the citizens of the country with basic financial transactions, investment banks serve the governments, companies and large corporations. Unlike commercial banks and retail banks that offer standardized services, investment banks are established to offer customized services to investors. The main line of business of commercial bank is to accept deposits and grant loans whereas investment banks trade financial assets and provide advisory services. So, basically, investment banks deal with trading securities, whereas commercial banks do not…

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What is Investment Banking?

Investment banks are financial institutions that is engaged in raising capital for other companies, entities and government. They are security underwriters who underwrite debt and equity securities for all types of corporations and aid in the sale of these securities. Simply speaking, investment banks assist companies, entities and government in performing complicated and huge volume of financial transactions.

Investment banks purchase stocks, bonds and securities from an issuer and sell them to investors. Investment banks primarily bridge the gap between people who have surplus money or capital and want to invest it and people or companies…

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What are inventories?

Inventories are assets:

1) Held for sale in the ordinary course of business;

2) In the process of production for such sale;

3) In the form of materials or supplies to be consumed in the production process or in the rendering of services.


ICDS II shall be applied for valuation of inventories, except:

1) Work In Progress

a) arising under ‘construction contract’ (ICDS III)

b) others (dealt by other ICDS)

2) Shares, debentures and other financial instruments held as stock-in-trade (ICDS VIII)

3) Producers’ inventories of livestock, agriculture and forest products, mineral oils, ores and gases…

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